Lab closures 2019

We offer seven-business-day turnaround for all tests, and a three-business-day rush turnaround option for most tests, except microbiology testing. Our lab is only closed on the following statutory holidays.

Good Friday
Friday, April 19
Easter Monday
Monday, April 22
Victoria Day
Monday, May 20
Canada Day
Monday July 1
B.C. Day
Monday August 5
Labour Day
Monday September 2
Thanksgiving Day
Monday October 14
Remembrance Day
Monday November 11
Christmas Day
Wednesday December 25
Boxing Day
Thursday, December 26

Potential clients and inquiries

Please contact us. We need to register you as a client before you can submit a sample.

Registered clients

1. Download the latest Chain of Custody (COC) form.

2. Email your completed COC form to for review.

3. Once your COC has been reviewed and approved, send it and your *sample(s) to:


Anandia Labs, Testing Division
322-2259 Lower Mall
Vancouver, BC V6Y 1Z4


* Required sample amounts for each test performed by Anandia:

  • Package testing: 60 g (flower) or 60 mL (oil)
  • Potency: 10g (flower) or 5mL (oil)
  • Cannabinoid profiling: 10g (flower) or 5mL (oil)
  • Heavy metal or total metal: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • Aflatoxin analysis: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • Ochratoxin analysis: 3g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • Loss on drying: 3g (flower)
  • Terpene profiling: 10g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • Residual solvents: 1mL (oil)
  • Pesticide analysis (51 Analytes): 3g (flower) or 2mL (oil)
  • Microbiology (all required tests): 40g (flower) or 40mL (oil)
  • TAMC: 10g (flower) or 10mL (oil)
  • TYMC: 10g (flower) or 10mL (oil)
  • BTGN: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • E. coli: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • Salmonella: 25g (flower) or 25mL (oil)
  • S. aureus: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)
  • P. aeruginosa: 1g (flower) or 1mL (oil)

4. You will receive an email confirmation that your package has been received, which will include the date your results can be expected.

Emerald Badges

The Emerald Testâ„¢ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing labs. Proficiency test samples are manufactured by an ISO 17043 accredited PT provider. Results are submitted through an electronic data portal and data analysis is provided by the sample manufacturer with software designed to meet the requirements of ISO 13528:2015.